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Are you thinking of introducing daycare into your pooches lives but unsure if it's quite right for you? 

Have a read of some of the testimonials from our customers and how daycare works for them.


Louise and Mitzi

When we first looked at getting a dog we knew it would be unfair to leave him or her at home alone all day and it started as a joke about doggy daycare. Then when we fell in love with a rescue dog that wasn't well socialised I knew we had to find out more.


As soon as we walked into A Dogs Life I knew it was the right thing to do for her, this was the day after adoption. The dogs clearly have so much fun, and it is nice as an owner to not have the guilt to be at work or want to go out for a day without the dog. That was February 2020.

Fast forward through lockdowns, COVID restrictions, social distancing, working from home and the dog settling in A Dogs Life have been just amazing. We now have a fairly confident dog who knows how to play, socialise and be a dog which she didn't then. There is no way we could have done that alone, just having other dogs and humans is what it needed. She absolutely loves going to see her friends and will cry when we get nearby, I know she misses them when she isn't there. 

I don't think she even minds being dressed up!

Just like an extended family, thank-you!

German shepherd sitting outside next to wooden fence

Paul with Lexi and Dexter

Our dogs have been part of A Dogs Life doggy day-care from day one.


Since it all started our dogs have never been happier being part of this wonderful family business. Always trusted leaving our dogs with them and wouldn't hesitate to promote the business to other dog owners.


Fantastic owners, staff who look after the dogs as if they are their own. When our dog broke his leg, Leisa was ringing us to check up on our dog and offered help at any time of day or night.

Amazing all round, keep up the good work

dog looking up at camera
Dog looking at camera

Alan with Rufus

Playing a huge part of Rufus’ life!!

We bought Rufus as a puppy and it must have been fate as we saw the A Dog’s Life Dog Daycare van about two days later and started to talk to Leisa and Liam about the new venture they were opening.

We wanted Rufus to socialize anyway, but a change in jobs for me meant I was away from home for a couple of days each week, so needed reliable and caring day care for Rufus, this was where Fabienne, Jade and the rest of the team stepped in.

The enjoyment the smallest member of our family gets out of going to daycare is there for everyone to see as he jumps out the car when we arrive having been barking all the way up the main road. Rufus genuinely loves going there for a couple of days a week and I enjoy knowing he is in a safe, caring and importantly a fun environment where he has really come into his own.

Leisa and the team keep us up to date during the day via social media on Rufus’ adventures and they have played a huge part in his development into a loving, enjoyable and really socialable dog. We can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for him, and both Rufus and us look forward to many more years of him playing with his friends at A Dog’s Life Dog Daycare.

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Fabiola with Lucifer

When I rescued Lucifer he was only a puppy. Although he could stay with me at work until he was fully vaccinated, he needed to be looked after afterward whilst I was working full time.


I was worried about the lack of socialisation and exercise he’d have if I only had a dog sitter pop in on him daily at home. I was so excited when I heard about ADL daycare and booked him in straight away, it was honestly the best decision we made.


At daycare, Lucifer blossomed into a lovely playful dog who enjoyed playing with any dog no matter the size. He loves going and we love seeing the pictures and videos of the things they get up to! We were over the moon when we got a card he made for us on his first day and love dressing him up for the themed parties! As a vet and dog owner, it’s so important to know your dog is in safe hands and honestly couldn’t be happier with ADL. They tell me about his friends, how he’s eaten or whether he’s had a runny poo or a scratch that I need to be aware of.


Really lovely, caring, and professional crew and couldn’t ask for a better place for Lucifer to go!” 

Screenshot 2021-01-18 at 12.08.48.png
English bulldog sitting on arm of grey armchair

Josie with Ralph

It’s A Dogs Life daycare are by far the best daycare in Lincolnshire.


They take excellent care of our Bulldog, Ralph, and he comes home happy and worn out after a fun day with his friends. They are friendly, reliable, and their communication with the “Pawrents” is second to none.


Regular updates, messages and posts keep us in the loop and all the dogs are seen to be having fun. Always tails wagging. We also have an anti-social rescue and they are fantastic with her. Introducing her to other dog’s, play and socialising in a safe and caring manner. I don’t know what we would do without the team!


They are a real life saver if you work full time and don’t have time to give your pup their much needed exercise and stimulation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, their membership plan is wonderful and so Ralph often comes home smelling of Old Spike, nails clipped and coat shiny after his groom.

Sophie with Blue

We decided to look for a daycare/dog sitter when my job got moved out of town. We saw ADL on Facebook and decided to go and look around. It was the best decision we ever made, we had Blue in daycare every day of the week for a while and he absolutely loved it!


They made sure he had naps/quiet time when he was a puppy and ADL simply look after your dog like it’s their own. They’re super flexible and are there whenever you need them 


 I’m now working from home but we still send blue to daycare twice a week so that he can meet and play with his friends! Daycare has really improved the way Blue plays with other dogs and we couldn’t be more grateful! I would definitely recommend ADL Daycare

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