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A Dog’s Life daycare! 

Now, you won’t often see a dog trainer recommending a daycare, and don’t get us wrong, we only recommend this daycare and here’s why… 

Although daycare is amazing for giving your dogs some entertainment while you are busy, it is also can be good from a training point of view, in a world of lockdowns and isolations many dogs suffer with poor socialisation and a poor ability to just be a dog. 

Poor social skills can be due to both too much or too little contact with other dogs, now, we know as well as everyone else that a daycare contains many many dogs, so dogs can suffer with over-enthusiasm towards other dogs. However this is why we like the team at ADL, they not only give your dog a great day out with fun and entertainment, but they also instill structure and downtime to keep the pups well mannered and level headed. 

ADL also have a keen interest in training and deliver some light training skills in house, before recommending trainers to help their clients to have a happier dog life, as well as help any dogs that haven’t met the assessment standard have a chance at daycare later in their training. 

An all round Excellent facility with a great team to take care of your pup

Jaz Barron-Harris,

Head trainer at Armatus K-9.

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