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A Dogs Life Doggy Day Care Grantham is situated in the heart of Grantham, in a private enclosed area with private parking.


A Dog's life Doggy Day Care has a 3,000 sqr ft facility with large indoor and outdoor areas, meaning your dog can play and run around in all weather conditions safely. We have designed the facility to maximize the space and allow for varied activities to keep both body and mind stimulated.


We have four separate areas within the Day Care to ensure we can keep all Dogs in size appropriate groups ranging from puppies of 12 weeks+ up to and including the oldest of dogs.

Dedicated puppy area

Our puppy area allows the youngest of pups to play and socialize with age and size appropriate friends and allows us to ensure a strict structure of Play, Rest and education, this will allow all the pups in our care to grow and flourish ready to move into the bigger areas with the older dogs when the time is right

Knee below area

Our Knee below area is for dogs of the smaller variety (Knee height and under). This has been done to ensure that all play sessions can be managed safely without any of our smaller visitors accidentally being hurt through the play of the bigger and heavier dogs.

Large area

Our Large area is the largest of the 3 internal areas and is dedicated to our larger dogs, the space has plenty of room for play, rest and education.

Garden area

Our large garden area allows us to enjoy the joys of the British Weather all year round, fully enclosed and secure our Garden area means our dogs will all get to enjoy the fresh air all year round especially in the warmer months where we fill up the pools and ball pits outside.

A safe and secure environment, designed with a wealth of expertise dedicated to delivering a happy and enriching place for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Using structured and balanced methods allows Daycare dogs to grow and develop socially with other dogs and people.

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A Dog's Life Daycare

Leave your pet with peace of mind that they are having fun and being well cared for in your absence.

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Your peace of mind

With a wealth of experience and a team of experts, this is daycare with a difference.

We provide happiness and enrich the lives of dogs with our combination of passionate expertise and social fulfillment.

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Expert care

Happy play

Not only are we a team of passionate dog lovers, but we are also fluent in dog.


We use our know-how to understand body language, play styles, and dynamics so we know when a dog’s happy or uncomfortable.

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A vital part of every dog's day, your dog will be able to exercise fully in our large open areas and garden, with access to agility and play equipment.


Stimulating a dog's mind is as important as physical exercise and this plays a huge part of each day at Daycare, from brain training games to basic command and control training.


Daycare teaches Dogs to interact with other dogs in the correct manner. Dogs of all ages and breeds coming together to teach each other the social cues many dogs struggle to learn at home. 

"I can wholeheartedly recommend A Dog's Life Doggy Daycare. My dog gets excited by the mere mention of the name, the staff are absolutely wonderful and the facilities are superb. So glad to have found them"

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New to Daycare?

Book in your assessment 

We take the time to get to know your dog and give you chance to come and have a look around. 

Each dog must undergo an assessment so we can ensure we have a happy and safe environment for everyone.

You can now book online if you have had your assessment

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